Bait-Buster Tips

  • Practice shaping your bait-buster after opening the package.

  • Adjust the bend of the lure ,they way you want it to swim. Start with approximate 1" bend for best results.

  • Fish the bait-buster lure the way you would bait.

  • For a slow crippled look, aim for a one revolution per second. [ May try a slight bend at the tail end ]

  • The bait-buster lure is known to catch salmon, bottom fish, whitefish [ all species ].

  • If you must apply fish scent, apply close to the head. A drop or 2 is enough.

  • Avoid using scent when the dog fish are around.

  • Fluorescent UVA light spray is now on the market.

  • Downrigger trolling is best.

  • Trolling against the flow of the tide, maintain the angle of the downrigger line @ approximately 45 degrees, for the consistent presentation, it will keep the action of the bait-buster the same. High percentage of fish caught when turning the boat.

  • Mooching with the use of a banana weights, drifting, casting and jigging. Is another way of using the bait-buster lure.

  • Use glow bait-busters for early morning, late afternoon, cloudy day and when fishing deep.

  • When you catch a fish, check to see what size the baitfish your fish has been feeding on. Match the bait-buster size to the baitfish size.

  • Flashers are useful when fishing bait-busters. Like any other fishing, it is necessary to connect the bait-buster leader line to a swiveled ball bearing bead chain attachment to prevent twisting lines.

  • Either flashers or dodgers, we recommend using 42" to 54" length of leader with up to 50 lbs. Test .

  • When putting the line out, it is necessary to drive the boat straight to prevent tangles with your other line and try to avoid acute turns.

Suggested pounds test:

  • 4" Bait-buster lure = 25 lbs. Test (max.)

  • 5" Bait-buster lure = 30 lbs or more. Test

  • 6" Bait-buster lure = 40 to 50 lbs. Test (max.)

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